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The Benefits of Fresh Juice

What is juicing?

Juicing refers to the act of extracting juice from fresh veggies and fruits using a juicer. During the process, fiber from the whole fruits and vegetables is removed.

What’s better: Fresh juice or bottled juice?


Clearly, the answer is fresh juice. Fresh juices contain more vitamins and minerals than bottled ones. They’re loaded with living enzymes, natural antibiotics, and antioxidants which our bodies need. On the other hand, bottled juices are pasteurized. That means they’re heated and processed, lessening the amount of vitamins and minerals they can offer.

What are the benefits of fresh juices?

Obtaining fresh juice from juicing allows us to eat more vegetables.

Some people don’t like the idea of eating vegetables, while some only eat a few or the same veggies every day. With juicing, we can consume more vegetables thanks to the various recipes that involve different ingredients. Juicing makes it easier for us to eat the veggies that we don’t prefer eating as a whole. This means we’ll get more nutrients and we’ll have healthier bodies.

Fresh juices give us sharper minds

Cup Tree Fresh Orange Juice The Background Green

According to the Kame Project, those who drink fruit and vegetable juice more than three times a week are 76 percent less likely to be stricken with Alzheimer’s disease when compared to those who drink fresh juices only once a week.

Fresh juices heal.

Aside from helping us lose weight, get fitter bodies, become more energized, get stronger bones, and get stronger immune systems, fresh juices can also heal. Research reveals that the natural, plant-based minerals and vitamins from fresh juices can be more easily absorbed by the body, reducing our chances of getting cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

Fresh juices make our skin glow.

Fresh juices are excellent sources of antioxidants because many vegetables and fruits contain Vitamins C and E, zinc, and copper, which makes our skins glow. Who needs an anti-aging cream when you can get more antioxidants from fresh juices?

Fresh juices help us learn better.


Studies show that drinking fruit and vegetable juices can boost our cognitive abilities, making learning easier and improving our memory.

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