Sliced hard boiled eggs

The Best Eating Habits That Aid in Learning

Eat Breakfast

Small breakfast on a plateIf you want to learn more and better, you shouldn’t skip breakfast. Gregory Phillips once studied college students and found that a higher percentage of breakfast eaters passed a Biology exam when compared to students who didn’t eat their breakfast. It’s also essential to partake healthy, top-quality meal. Another study of students aged 11-14 showed that those who ate foods which are low on the glycemic index (GI) processed information faster. Low-GI foods include vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, and breads. So why not grab your bread machine and test its capacity to give you a healthy breakfast to kick start your day?

Eat Mid-Morning Snacks

Unfortunately, eating breakfast isn’t enough. Have you experienced getting tired and running out of ideas a few hours before lunch? If you have, that means your brain has used up all the fuel it received from your breakfast. A study of students aged 7-9 found that those who consumed smaller breakfast and lunch but ate a mid-morning snack experienced a lower decrease in delayed and immediate memory. Taking mid-morning snacks such as yogurt with berries is recommended to boost your memory. You can also replace that with a hard-boiled egg since eggs contain choline—a nutrient that can improve one’s memory.

Sliced hard boiled eggs

Avoid Junk Food

Those who eat loads of junk food are more likely to achieve their desired results when it comes to learning. According to a study of public school students which was published in the Journal of School Health found that learners who have a high intake of sweetened beverages like sugary sodas Burger and fries junk foodhad lower scores on mathematics tests. Individuals who drink lots of sodas and eat stacks of junk food also have a higher chance of being obese. Take note that overweight people usually have lower cognitive functions according to a 2011 Yale University study. However, if you eat healthy food instead, you are more likely to learn well.

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