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5 Life Lessons from Garden Weeds

Gardens demand a lot of effort from their caretakers. To survive, they require nourishment and protection; they need food and water to grow and reach their potential. They also need to have their weeds removed so that the plants won’t be robbed of essential nutrients, moisture, and sunlight.

Weeds are nasty living creatures that steal the beauty and energy of the plants. Their existence weakens the root systems of the garden and prevents the crops to thrive in a healthy environment. Removing them from your garden is always the best choice. Other gardening tools can do the job, but a weed whacker does it best.

So, what can these garden weeds teach us about life?



Fertilizers can prevent weeds to develop but using cheap ones isn’t effective. The lesson here is to invest in things with quality. Invest in your dreams if you want them to turn into a reality. If you want your garden to reach its full potential, then you should spend sufficient resources for it to grow.


BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker

Pulling out weeds without a weed eater or by hand without leather can cause your hands to suffer. Weeds can torture your hands especially if you have little tolerance for pain. It’s the same thing with life. Weeds can represent the thorns that try to weaken your heart to make you suffer. These thorns can penetrate your heart easily if you don’t have protection. The leather gloves or the weed whacker is your strong faith. If you have one, you can overcome every suffering in life. The only way you can remove those thorns in your life is to have unshaken faith that can help you withstand the pain and trial.



Be careful about allowing weeds from entering your life! A garden full of weeds begins with the growth of a single weed. Be cautious by evaluating everything that you allow to come into your life. Will it be a bad influence? Don’t do it. Is the person toxic for you? Say no. Avoid dangers from the start, and your life will be a garden of blooming flowers.


If you just realized that you’ve allowed weeds to grow in your life garden, then you need to remove them. Pull them out by the roots. It’s the only way to get rid of them altogether. If it’s a toxic friend that continues to hurt and use you for his/her gain, stay away from him/her. If it’s your boss that abuses you and doesn’t teach you anything in life, then look for another job. Be thorough in removing the weeds from your life. If you only cut them, they’ll still bother you someday, but if you pull them by the roots, they won’t have the chance to rob you of your happiness again.


Always pull out weeds and clean up your garden. Don’t let your laziness rob the health of your garden. It’s the same thing with life. Evaluate your life often and clean it up by getting rid of bad habits. If you want a happy life, you have to work for it. And consistency is the key.

What Swimming Pools Can Teach Us About Life

swimming pool

Let’s face it.

The heat of the sun, especially during the summer months, will call for a trip down the beach. But as much as everyone would like to, not all people can go on a trip whenever they want. But as much as everyone would like to, not all people can go down the beach wherever they want.

So, let’s face it.

The heat of the sun, especially during the summer months, will then call for a trip up the pool. And as much as everyone would like to, people can go on a trip any time they want to. And as much as everyone would like to, people can go up the pool any place they want to.

The best part? Swimming pools can teach us a thing or two about life, in ways that one can’t really imagine coming from a place where people from all walks of life still get to relax under the heat of the sun even without the same hot ambience a beach has and still get to rejuvenate in the cool of the water even without the same cold ambience an ocean has.

And without further ado, here’s what swimming pools can teach us about life:

Life doesn’t always go as you plan, but it always goes according to plan.

As mentioned before, not all people can go on a trip whenever they want and go down the beach wherever they want. But as also mentioned before, people can go on a trip any time they want to and go up the pool any place they want to.

Simply put…

Even if there’s something that blocks you from doing what you want (in this case, to go down the beach and relax), there will also be something that allows you to do what you want (in this case, to go up the pool and relax plus rejuvenate) – more than one can even imagine.

Indeed, life doesn’t always go as you plan. But indeed, life always goes according to plan.

Even more so, it can go way beyond one can envision for a lifetime – and yes, even if life doesn’t always go as you plan and even if life always goes according to plan.

What do you think swimming pools can teach us about life? Let us know in the comments section below!

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What Woodworking Teaches Us

Woodworking doesn’t just offer benefits for the body; it can also be a source of valuable lessons a person can apply in his lifetime.

Determination + Perseverance

Woodworking involves a lot of hard work, and a project could be more complicated than you thought. Aside from having knowledge about sawing, types of wood, other tools, and tricks, you also need to learn how to persevere. You might face a lot of criticism and pressure while you’re at it, but a determined woodworking won’t give up. He or she will finish what he or she started. This is why woodworking is essential. The journey to reach the final goal will make the person more patient, confident, and optimistic.


Being Smart

Woodworking doesn’t only teach a person to work hard; it also teaches one to work smart. Most of the time, the latter is more important. Being able to use whatever you have and what was given to you can be tough, but you have work smarter. Woodworking allows the individual to solve his problems faster by requiring him or her to think of ways to make the job less taxing. It allows the woodworker to think outside the box. It also makes the person find methods that can aid him or her finish the project with less stress.

The Creativity Issue

It encourages a person to be more creative as well. Woodworking isn’t ordinary. Individuals will encounter different projects and tools in this activity, making them more innovative and inventive whenever there’s a chance. A woodworker will have lots of opportunities to be original, expressive, and artistic.

creative colorful

Woodworking teaches us that it’s okay to try new things and be imaginative. It shows that sometimes, it’s okay to solve problems with new methods while having fun.

Excellence in All We Do

Lastly, woodworking teaches people to do everything with excellence and not just settle for a “good” or an “okay” job. It allows woodworkers to put their hearts into their jobs and aim for excellence and improvement. Sometimes woodworking can be a volunteer work, and doing the task efficiently for others can also fire up a person’s spirit. It may be impossible to finish a project perfectly, but one can always strive for quality and brilliance. The result? A great sense of fulfillment and no regrets.