Study Hacks You Can Also Use In Daily Life


Let’s face it.

Studying can be daunting. It not only drains our mind, but also drains our body – especially if you’re required to study for an examination cover-to-cover.

But you know what?

Studying can also be delighting. It not only keeps our mind active, but also keeps our body conditioned – even if you’re required to study for an examination cover-to-cover.

Now, you might ask: How is that possible?

Three words: daily life – your habits at home, your habits at school, and even your habits during a vacation trip.

That being said, here are the study hacks you can also use in daily life:

Exercise regularly at home.

Studying can become a little repetitive, especially if you’ve been at it for hours. Exercising regularly at home will not just keep your mind active, which helps distract yourself from thinking about other things; but also keep your body conditioned, which helps focus yourself from thinking about more important things. Just take it like having some brain warmup, in order to focus on your studying later on.

Bring homemade lunch at school.

Instead of buying lunch outside every single day, why not bring your own lunch? You see, it will not just help you save more effectively. You also see, it will help you get the right amount of nutrients to keep your mind active throughout the day. And the reason? Homemade lunch simply comes from the heart of your parents, along with their determination to provide what’s best for you – including healthy food.

BONUS: Get a dose of fresh air.

Admit it or not, getting a dose of fresh air is more than just reconnecting with nature. It’s also about reconnecting with yourself and those around you, as well as what you are truly capable of. It’s also about keeping yourself calmed under pressure, as well as keeping yourself more focused amidst distractions.